Engineered Wildlife Solutions is locally owned and operated and serves the middle Georgia area. We specialize in resolving human and animal conflicts. We specialized in the catching and removal of squirrels, chipmunks, bats, snakes, birds, raccoons, opossums, skunks, moles, bees, coyotes, hornets, wasps, beavers, rats & mice.

RattlesnakeAnimals and insects sometimes inhabit places where they are not welcome, such as homes and businesses. They can cause expensive damage, as well as health and safety issues.

In addition to removing nuisance wildlife, we also offer consulting services for the “do-it-yourself” folks!

Wildlife and business ethics are very important to us! We use only legal methods of wildlife removal and wildlife control, and we believe in complete integrity with our customers.

We take pride in being able to offer a realistic solution to your wildlife problem. There is a solution for every problem.

Trust the best in wildlife controlling service for the household
Wild animals and flies are best when they are in the wood but that is not possible at all time and life can get hampered when they make your home, their home.

Wild animals like bats, grey squirrel, flying squirrels and more sometimes start living at places where they are least welcome. Engineering Wildlife Solutions works in removing and handling those animals with proper care and utmost concern. We make sure that your life is smooth by removing the nuisance from your place.

Why Trust Us?

Wildlife may be hampering your healthy living and causing major damage to your home, but they have to be preserved for the betterment of energy cycle. Killing the animals is not mandatory in many cases but if you don’t have proper idea you may end up harming some innocent lives. In order to stop that, it is important to appoint professionals who use government approved methods to deal with the problem.

We use legal methods because these animals like wasps, honey bees, bats and snakes are important to us. Some of these animals have decreased in population and random killing may make them extinct. We make sure that business ethics is properly followed by the team and the best care is taken.

Why wildlife has to be removed?
The wild animals like raccoons, beavers, foxes, flying squirrels, grey squirrels and bat may or may not cause major damage to your home but they also cause damage to themselves. If you let them stay in your home or area for long, they may keep on staying and increase their population making life even more difficult.

If you have kids in home, you shall be even more careful. If you have sensed or seen a snake in your home, you will never know if it is a poisonous one or not until and unless you are a professional. The team from our side will guide you to make sure you don’t have any problem in the future. They will teach you techniques to deal yourself.

If you are facing any such problem related to wild animals in your house, feel free to contact us on 478-213-9260. The company is working in this mission for years under the guidance of Mark Wilson. Mark is a member of National Wildlife Control Operators Association and has wide experience in the field.

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